Confidentiality is best defined as a condition where in a relationship of trust between two persons or entities exists and neither party will divulge information concerning the other without specific expressed consent.

With regard to your scholarship, it is important for you to understand that the Cultural Division of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC will not share any information about your academic, financial, medical, or personal matters with anyone (excluding your scholarship agency, e.g. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE University, etc.) unless you have provided proper consent. In special circumstances, however, the Cultural Counselor may use his discretion to release specific information.

Most universities in the United States treat your academic records as confidential, as well. It is important to visit your school’s registrar and/or billing office each semester to see if you need to sign a consent release form in order to authorize the university to disclose your academic records and account information to your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the Embassy.