Cultural Division Offices

Admissions & Placement Office

The Admissions and Placement Office was established in October 2010. This office will perform the responsibilities of seeking placement into ESL programs and securing academic admissions into higher education institutions for UAE students. In addition, the Admissions Office performs the following functions:

Orientation of New Students

Provides students with required information and guidance regarding: arrival, salary, airport pickup, hotel reservations, health coverage, attendance and immigration regulations, etc.

Placement of ESL students

  1. Placement of new students into ESL programs at English Language Institutes offered within the university or college that are accredited or adhere to TESOL standards.
  2. Works directly with universities and colleges for conditional acceptances or Bridge programs.

Academic Admission

Assists students in securing academic admission into Undergraduate and Graduate programs by:

  1. Reviewing university choices within the students' major submitted.
  2. Evaluating student credentials, documents and standard test scores.
  3. Submitting application and supporting documents.
  4. Managing students’ geographical distribution within universities.


  1. Works with students during the one year ESL period permitted.
  2. Urges students to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE to attain the required score for admission.
  3. Assists students in maintaining their academic standard for admission eligibility.


  1. Ensures compliance of ESL program attendance duration of one year.
  2. Notifies student if an additional two (2) semester extension will be allowed. The Admissions office makes this notification on a case-by-case basis after consultation with the Cultural Counselor and approval by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR).

Transfer to Academic Program

  1. Transfers students to Academic Advisors once admission is secured.
  2. Recommends students who are unable to get admission for termination by MOHESR.

Network and Contact with Universities

  1. Enters into articulation agreements for placement of students.
  2. Creates an inventory of contacts with US higher education institutions carrying common majors and conditional acceptance.
Academic Office


The Academic Office at the Cultural Division of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC aspires to achieve the highest excellence in academic services. We seek to establish a partnership with students that will enrich their educational experience and empower them to develop meaningful educational, career, and life goals.


The Academic Office implements UAE national educational and training policies to provide the country with qualified individuals talented of achieving the country's goals of progress and development. Through its staff of professional educators, the Office strives to advance the higher education plans and strategies of the UAE by placing its scholars in quality programs, and preparing them for the market needs of the country.

Our mission is to provide academic advising that fosters student success and satisfaction with the educational experience. In addition, the Office strives to establish and strengthen its links with American educational organizations and institutions of higher learning.

Accreditation & Authentication Office

The Accreditation & Authentication Office plays a key role at the Cultural Division of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC.

This office is responsible for providing accreditation and authentication services to UAE citizens, UAE sponsors, and Academic Advisors at the Cultural Division in Washington, DC.


The Accreditation & Authentication Office educates and conveys to the MOHESR, UAE nationals, and other UAE sponsors the critical importance of enrollment in fully accredited US higher education institutions and accredited academic programs.

Accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which an educational institution's services and operations are examined by a third-party accrediting agency to determine if applicable education standards are met. In the US, accreditation is carried out by private non-governmental organizations and is not the responsibility of the United States Department of Education (ED) as one might conclude. However, the ED is required by law to publish the list of the accrediting agencies which includes non-governmental entities as well as governmental agencies.

The mission of the Accreditation & Authentication Office in accreditation includes:

  • Advising and answering all UAE nationals’, UAE sponsors’ and Academic Advisors’ questions and concerns related to the accreditation of the higher education institutions in which students plan to study. We make certain that the universities and colleges attended by our students are accredited institutions of higher education and we advise accordingly.
  • Providing advice and assistance to UAE nationals, UAE sponsors and Academic Advisors about the accreditation of the academic programs subject to professional or specialized accreditation.
  • Providing MOHESR with the list of accredited US institutions of higher education and their accredited programs.
  • Updating the list of the accredited US higher education institutions and their accredited fields of study periodically to reflect accreditation changes.
  • Preparing comprehensive reports concerning the accreditation of a US university or college or a program as requested by MOHESR.


At the Cultural Division, we provide authentication or certification services to UAE students who graduated in accredited programs from accredited US institutions.

The Accreditation & Authentication Office receives a variety of documents and our work with the authentication process varies from one student’s file to another. Our mission in authentication includes:

  • Verifying, reviewing and inspecting each document issued by a US school, university or college before authenticating it. This document can be a degree, a certificate, a diploma, a transcript, a letter of completion, a letter of achievement, a letter of enrollment verification, a class ranking, a date of attendance, or a grade/card report.
  • Investigating the legality of documents and transferred credits hours through direct contacts with schools, universities and colleges issuing those documents.
  • Authenticating or denying authentication to a document based on information discovered during investigation from the school, college or university and based on MOHESR regulations. MOHESR requires the accreditation of both the institution and the program. Online, correspondence, independent study and distance learning degrees are not approved by MOHESR and will NOT be certified. Professional, accelerated, executive, and similar degrees MUST be approved by MOHESR before enrolling.
  • Preparing a comprehensive annual report and statistics concerning the authentication of all documents received and the decisions made.
  • Recording and storing all relevant information about students and their schools, universities or colleges and programs in electronic format.
Accounting Office


The Accounting Office at the Cultural Division of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of all invoices and reimbursements relating to a student’s scholarship award. This includes all appropriate medical, tuition, and allowance payments permitted by law under his/her scholarship decree. We interact daily with students, academic advisors, diplomats and many outside agencies, including medical facilities and institutions of higher education either in person, by phone, fax or email.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service while maintaining a level of integrity, honesty, and professional ethics. We all understand what is expected of us and are fully committed to meeting those goals.

In addition to processing payments and refunds, this office is also responsible for the preparation of monthly financial reports to all appropriate funding agencies. These reports present the financial status and financial condition of each scholarship program. These reports also ensure that our accounting records are up to date and accurate.

We work together to achieve our goals, we take pride in our work, and perform our duties to the best of our abilities.

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