FAQs for New Sponsored Students

Does each UAE-sponsored student have an Academic Advisor at the Cultural Division of the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC?

No, only UAE students who have scholarships from one of the UAE sponsors that have offices at the Cultural Division in Washington, DC have Academic Advisors at the Cultural Division.

All UAE-sponsored students must have an official decree or correspondence from a UAE governmental or private sponsoring body indicating student's name, program of study, and year of scholarship has granted.

Does the Cultural Division of the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC assist private and unsupervised students?

If you are a UAE citizen studying in the US, but are not sponsored by any government or private agency or you have a scholarship and your sponsor does not have an office at the Cultural Division in Washington, DC, and would like the Embassy to retain your information in order to better assist you in the event of an emergency, please complete the Private Student Registration Form and mail or fax it along with the required documents to the Cultural Division.

Once the form and the documents are received by the Cultural Division, the student will be assisted in case of an emergency and will receive academic advising related to the accreditation of his/her field of study and the accreditation of the institution where he/she studies.

To learn more about the assistance provided by the Cultural Division, please refer to the “Private Students” section posted instead.

Once the student graduates, his/her diploma and transcript(s) will be authenticated by the Cultural Counselor after receiving the required documents and information and after verifying the accreditation of both the institution and the field of study in accordance with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) regulations and policy.

Please refer to the “Authentication” section to find out the requirements for degree and transcript certification for private and unsupervised students.

I have received my admission package from my Scholarship Academic Advisor. What should I do?

You should take your I-20 Form to the US Embassy to obtain a student entry visa. The I-20 Form is a Certificate of Eligibility to apply for an F–1 visa. The I-20 Form is issued by the university/college where a student is admitted after determining the student is qualified academically, linguistically and financially to attend the school.

The I-20 Form shows the beginning of the semester/quarter and the orientation date at the university/college.

The admission package also includes others important documents about SEVIS, housing, homestay, shuttle pick-up (if available), etc. Even if it seems that there is a lot of information, it is important that you read through each document very carefully. There may also be documents for housing, shuttle pick-up or enrollment deposits that require you to fill them out and send them back before the semester begins. In this case, make sure you return those documents to the school or your Academic Advisor as quickly as possible to avoid missing any deadlines.

When do I have to arrive in the US?

You should attend the orientation session at your university/college on the date shown on your I-20 Form.

It is recommended that students arrive to the US two weeks before a university/college's starting date.

SEVIS regulation allows you to arrive no sooner than 30 days before the start date on your Form I-20.

What do I need to send upon arrival to the US?

Upon arrival to the United States you will need to provide your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the Cultural Division with the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of F-1 Student Visa
  • Copy of I-20
  • Copy of I-94 Card
  • Current address (if available), phone number, and email address
  • Two (2) Passport Pictures
  • A voided check

You can mail these items to the Cultural Division of the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC, email them to your academic advisor or fax them to (202) 243-4422 and mail the two (2) pictures.

Please write “Attn: Your Scholarship Academic Advisor’s name” on either the envelope or the fax cover page to ensure quick delivery.

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