Message from the Cultural Attaché

Dear Students in the United State of America,

It is my pleasure to welcome you in my capacity as Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, D.C.

Dear students, since education is recognized as the cornerstone of any civilization, the United Arab Emirates has been determined over the years to provide its citizens with the highest quality of higher education. Your presence in the United States of America is a valuable learning experience that should be cherished.  Now is the time to take advantage of all available opportunities and to build a solid foundation that will help you reap the benefits as professionals later in life.  More importantly, making the most of your studies in the United States will allow you to effectively contribute to developing our country and ensuring its prominent status in the international community.

I truly hope that we all succeed in representing the United Arab Emirates in an honorable manner and reflect its true values and principles as a civilized nation that encourages tolerance and harmony.

Having spent most of my career as an academic at the University of the United Arab Emirates, I understand the challenges you may face as students.  The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates and the Cultural Division will ensure that you overcome any hurdles along the way, so that you are able to successfully fulfill your academic requirements.

I encourage all of you to liaise with our academic advisors and team members who are dedicated to addressing your concerns.  Finally, I would like to stress the importance of understanding and observing the laws of our host country.

Once again, thank you and I genuinely wish each and every one of you a successful academic journey here in the United States.



Dr. Suaad Zayed Al Oraimi

Cultural Attaché

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates