Message from the Minister


The Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE is firmly committed to contributing to the UAE leadership’s far-sighted vision of shaping a knowledge based economy. As part of this priority, we pursue a strategy that focuses on the management of our human capital through investing and building capacities; and encourages the adoption of inventive tools and resources that aid the process of knowledge development. 

 The UAE considers its people as its most important asset. And we take pride in the fact that the people of this country continue to demonstrate unrelenting enthusiasm and energy in making valuable contributions to the nation-building process.  We at the Ministry acknowledge this wealth that our country possesses and continually work to enrich their capacities through creating opportunities for higher education and training.
The world recognizes the UAE’s convincing and compelling progress in trade, services, innovation and other areas. The education sector, for its part, has indeed come a long way and achieved several milestones. However, education is not just about the acquisition and retention of knowledge. It is also about expanding horizons through embracing next generation ideas, tools and technologies in preparing for a future. Towards this goal, we ensure the integration of organic components that contribute to shaping knowledge societies; that lend an edge to us as a nation to move into a tomorrow with confidence and competence.
Unlike in the past today’s knowledge society mandates a symbiotic relationship between academic institutions and all the components of the state. As part of our mandate, the Ministry of Higher Education serves as a facilitator in promoting synergies among schools and institutions of higher learning and entities in the private and public sector domain.
We also understand that the evolving marketplace demands new skills sets that challenge convention. The higher education sector needs to work hard to deliver talent that is ready for the competitive landscape. In this context, the Ministry actively encourages conversation and relationship building  among all the stakeholders towards visualizing, conceptualizing and implementing an education system that serves as a key contributor to the nation’s development process and a catalyst for economic and social progress.

Our work at the Ministry is not confined to the macro aspects of education alone. We connect with students at the grassroots level to ensure we keep a pulse on their education needs. We also work with higher education students and institutions to encourage academic research on current and future trends. While we remain conscious of nurturing the students in today’s world, we also keep our sights focused on the future to proactively identify challenges that they may encounter and are expected to overcome. 
What we seek is a cooperative and cohesive society that includes all of the integrated components, to always live up to the expectations of our leaders and the citizens - for it is education that defines the progress of a nation and the happiness of its people. 



 Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills