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Enabling the UAE and its citizens to prosper through education, training, research and innovation; to evolve a well-educated society that can cope with development and effective utilization and application of higher education results regionally and internationally, to parallel the global standard in imparting knowledge and conducting applicable researches in response to social needs effectively.

The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR), strongly believes in a coordinated higher education system recognized for high quality programs that are responsive to UAE long-term needs. MOHESR is committed to developing a well-educated citizenry, promoting country’s economic development, contributing to the UAE’s global competitiveness and enhancing UAE’s quality of life.


With the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR) by Federal Law No. 4 of 1992, policy and strategic plans were implemented towards developing higher education sectors and its human capital as the engine of growth.

The MOHESR is responsible for the general planning of higher education and scientific research in the UAE, licensing private institutions of higher education, accrediting their programs and overseeing them to ensure their quality standards within the context of the master plan of higher education; preparing draft laws for the establishment of federal governmental institutions of higher education and scientific research, and achieving coordination and integration between federal institutions of higher education and scientific research in terms of budgets, fields of specialization and academic degrees awarded by each of them.

The MOHESR is also responsible for coordinating admission policies and the criteria for student placement in the various fields of specialization in the UAE higher education institutions in response to the needs of the community. They also accredit foreign bodies and institutions of higher education and equalize their certificates; lay down the general policy of scholarships and academic aid, and monitor their affairs inside and outside the UAE, taking into account the needs of the community and the specializations provided by the higher education institutions and developing scientific research institutions in the UAE. MOHESR also coordinates between higher education and scientific research bodies and institutions on the one hand, and public education on the other.

The MOHESR coordinates with other ministries and with both government and private bodies in order to achieve the goals of the overall development, and participates with the ministries and stakeholders in laying down a licensing system for the practice of professions that require high qualifications. The Ministry also performs any other responsibilities entrusted to it pursuant to any laws and regulations.

The MOHESR has made several achievements in establishing an advanced higher education system in a short period of time.

Presently, there are many universities established in the country to further nurture growth in tertiary level education. Three of them are public institutions namely: UAE University, Zayed University, and Higher Colleges of Technology. The remaining institutions are private and Global Partnerships establishments namely: American Universities of Sharjah, Dubai, in the Emirates, and Ras Al Khaimah; University of Sharjah (UOS); Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST); Abu Dhabi University (ADU); Al HOSN University; Masdar Institute for Science and Technology (MIST); Abu Dhabi Chapter of Sorbonne University; Dubai Knowledge University; etc. The country has one of the highest rates of applicants for tertiary level education in the world: ninety-five percent female and eighty percent male from the final year of high school apply for admission to higher education institutions, locally and abroad.

Scholarship Program

Sending UAE male and female students on scholarships to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies abroad stems from the policy drawn up by the late His Highness (H.H.) Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. His goal was qualifying and training Emiratis so that they could participate in the dynamic growth of the UAE.

The scholarship program at the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR) is intended to meet the society’s demands of various specializations that will contribute to the economic and social progress in the UAE.

The scholarship program developed by the MOHESR adds to the role played by the UAE University, Zayed University, and Higher Colleges of Technology in qualifying and training promising students.

The Scholarship and Cultural Foreign Relations Department (SD) of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR) plays an important role in managing the scholarship program for studies abroad. Students are sent to institutions of higher learning in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union countries, and neighboring Arab countries. Among the programs sponsored abroad are health sciences, medicine, engineering, computer sciences, information and computer technology, business, management, law, economics, and environment studies.

The Cultural Division of the Embassy of the UAE in Washington, DC

Through Cultural Attaché Offices (CAO) within the Embassies of the UAE abroad, the Scholarship and Cultural Foreign Relations Department (SD) works to place UAE students into institutions of higher learning in that country.

At the Embassy of the UAE in Washington DC, the Cultural Division is responsible for the placement of MOHESR-sponsored students into higher education institutions within the United States. The Cultural Division also serves the students at both undergraduate and graduate levels with scholarship disbursement, academic monitoring and advising, as well as ensuring the general welfare of the students while enrolled in their programs of study.

In addition to working with the MOHESR-sponsored students, the Cultural Division also serves as MOHESR’s representative in the US. The Cultural Division regularly meets with faculty and staff from institutions of higher learning from around the US to further discuss matters aimed towards better partnerships for the benefit of the students as well as the United Arab Emirates.

The Cultural Division is the direct link between the students and the sponsoring agencies in the UAE. It strives to assist these students so they may accomplish their scholastic goals as well as achieve personal growth.

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