MOHESR Airline Tickets

  • One economy round-trip ticket shall be granted to the student each academic year by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR) from the UAE to the US.
  • A round-trip ticket is granted at the beginning of each academic year after receiving the scholar’s academic report indication his/her progress and status.
  • After the deadline specified for the disbursement of traveling allowance passes, the student is denied the right for a ticket for the respective year.
  • An additional ticket shall be disbursed for scientific and research purposes. It is paid once to students engaged in higher (graduate) studies during the period of their study only after receiving a confirmation from the university where students are enrolled and approval of the Cultural Counselor.
  • In case of a scholar’s illness that requires his/her return to the UAE upon a recommendation of an official medical authority, the scholar may be granted an extra ticket according to the proposal of the Cultural Counselor and MOHESR’s approval.
  • In case a ticket was not used for whatever reason, whether to the country of study or back home, it should be delivered to the Scholarship Department at MOHESR or the Cultural Division. The ticket must be delivered al least three (3) months prior to its expiry date, along with a confirmation letter from his/her university official stating the reasons of extension, to allow refund. If failed to comply, the Ministry shall not reimburse the student for any expired tickets.
  • For a NEW student who arrives to Washington DC at the beginning of study, the Cultural Division issues a connecting ticket to the city of study and back to DC when the student returns to the UAE at least nine months later.
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