MOHESR Reimbursements

Reimbursement Requirements

Following is a list of the most frequently requested reimbursements and the documentation that is required to process your request.

  • Hotel – Original hotel invoice with proof of payment. If paid by credit card, copy of the credit card or bank statement is required. Hotel stay up to six (6) nights upon arrival at the beginning of the scholarship period.
  • Admissions Tests – Email confirmation of registration that also shows cost of test and the credit card or bank statement showing the payment.
  • Registration or Application Fees – First page of application, documentation that shows the amount of fee (i.e. back page of application, website, etc.), and credit card of bank statement showing the request.
  • Computer – Receipt for computer with proof of payment. If paid by credit card, copy of the credit card or bank statement is required. Eligibility for computer reimbursement requires studying medical, sciences or engineering and a recommendation of student’s university academic advisor or professor and approval of the Cultural Counselor in Washington, DC. Allowance is one-time during the duration of the scholarship period and the amount is limited to one month’s allowance/salary.
  • Medical – Effective February 1, 2013 all students, who have scholarships under the supervision of the Cultural Division of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, have a worldwide recognizable health insurance ID card to present to all doctors and Hospitals. This card will be accepted by all Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO In- network doctors.

For reimbursement inquiries, please contact our Office at 1 (877) 862-7223 ext. 4412 or  (202) 243-4412 during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm Eastern Time from Monday to Friday. Please note that the reimbursements are sent by check to the last address given to the Cultural Division and please allow approximately two weeks for processing.

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