MOHESR Student Financial Benefits

Monthly allowances/salaries
  • Monthly allowances/salaries are paid to full-time scholars as stated in his/her decree. Students will not be paid allowances for any month prior to the starting date of his/her scholarship.
  • Monthly allowances/salaries payments are paid to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Monthly allowances/salaries are paid from the first month the student arrives in the US until the time he/she graduates.
  • Monthly allowances/salaries are to be paid on the first day of each month. To ensure that they arrive before that time, the accounting department tries to deposit the funds into the students’ bank accounts via Electronic Funds Transfer on the 24th - 26th of the preceding month.
  • The total allowances/salaries for summer vacation (June, July, and August) are allowed to be disbursed in one payment at the beginning of the vacation with written request by the student.
  • Monthly allowances/salaries will be paid to students via Electronic Funds Transfer only. No monthly allowances/salaries will be mailed to the students unless approved by the Cultural Counselor.
  • Marital allowances to be paid to scholar on the condition that his/her family must stay in the US permanently and to be verified annually by the Cultural Division in Washington, DC.
  • Upon graduation, the student will receive a 3 month allowance/salary as a bonus to help him/her return to the UAE.
Other Allowances
  • Annual allowance for books, clothing and travel.
  • Tuition fees to be disbursed or paid upon presentation of a valid official document issued by the university or the college or the institute where a scholar is studying, including non-curricular tuition mandatory fees complementary to a student’s study.
  • Medical charges of a scholar shall be covered, with the exception of medical charges pertaining to cosmetic surgeries and orthodontics. For payment to be effected, the invoices must be certified and attested by the hospital physician and the Cultural Counselor.
  • One-time Computer Allowance for medical, sciences and engineering students upon a recommendation of student’s advisor or professor at the university and approval of the Cultural Counselor in Washington, DC. Allowance amount is limited to one month’s allowance/salary.
  • One economy round-trip ticket from the UAE to the US.  The ticket is provided by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the UAE each academic year. A ticket is granted at the beginning of each academic year after receiving the scholar’s academic report indicating his/her progress and status.
  • Round-trip ticket shall be disbursed for scientific and research purposes from place of study to conference/research area. It is paid once to students engaged in higher studies during the period of their study only after receiving a confirmation from the university where students are enrolled and approval of the Cultural Counselor in Washington, DC.
  • One way connecting ticket for NEW students who arrive to Washington, DC for orientation to the city of study issued by the Cultural Division.
  • Hotel Stay up to six (6) nights upon arrival at the beginning of the scholarship period.
  • Masters & Doctorates Dissertation Printing/Binding fees to be disbursed to scholars according to original invoices certified by the Cultural Division in Washington, DC for each academic degree and in accordance with the stated regulations of the scholarship financial law. Amount not to exceed 4000.00 DHS.
  • Shipping & Cargo fees at the end of the scholarship period. Reimbursed upon submission of original certified invoices from the shipping company. Maximum not to exceed 50 kilos.
  • All instruments, machines and equipment expenses required by students with special needs pertaining to their educational shall be borne by the Ministry according to their health status as per certified original documents from the heath authorities and authenticated by the Cultural Counselor in Washington, DC.
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