UAE University Scholarship Program

Every year UAE University awards scholarships to their Teaching Assistants (TA) to pursue studies in the US. The scholarship offers studies at the graduate level (Masters and Doctorate) in such fields as: Science, Engineering, Arts, Education, Computer Science & Technology, Medicine, Law, Economics, and Business. Scholarships are also extended to UAEU faculty members for post-doctoral studies and research. The scholarship granted is with an assigned major, specific university and duration of studies. Upon successful completion of their studies, all Teaching Assistants must return to serve UAEU.

Benefits under the UAEU Scholarship Program

  • Monthly stipend.
  • Annual textbook allowance.
  • Payment of tuition and mandatory university fees.
  • Scientific/experimental equipment needed for research or training.
  • Computer.
  • Six (6) nights hotel stay for first time arrival.
  • Financial support for attendance of up to two (2) conferences or seminars related to field of study per academic level.
  • Thesis allowance for masters students.
  • Dissertation allowance for doctorate students.
  • Shipping allowance upon completion of degree program.
Mecical, Dental and Vision Coverage

Students and dependents receive full medical, dental and vision coverage, as per the UAE University policy and regulations. Students will be provided with a medical card annually.

Medical Cover Letter

Present this letter to the university student center at the beginning of each academic year so the university could waive your medical health insurance charges from your invoice. Our office will not pay medical health insurance charged by the university, except for certain states and universities with mandatory health insurance coverage and with prior approval.

Airline Tickets

Students and their dependents receive an Annual economy-class round trip ticket, issued directly by the UAE University.


Reimbursements of claims can be made by providing original receipt/invoice with proof of payment (credit card statement and cash receipts). Reimbursement checks will be mailed to students.

New Students
Student Responsibilities

New students are responsible to submit to the UAE University Academic Advisor upon arrival to the US the following:

  • Bank account number and routing number for salary to be wired directly into the account.
  • Arrival documents:
    • Copy of I-94
    • Copy of I-20
    • Copy of Passport Biographical Page
    • Copy of Visa Page
    • Two (2) passport photos for the Medical Card
  • Address, phone number, and email address. Students are also responsible for notifying Academic Advisor and International Student Advisor at the University in any changes in contact information within ten (10) days of the change.

Submit to the UAE University Academic Advisor:

  • Academic Study Plan during first semester/quarter
  • At the end of each semester/quarter:
    • Official transcripts with all semester grades
    • Course registration for next semester
    • Degree audit
    • Study Plan if any amendments in coursework were made to original study plan
  • Maintaining full-time graduate enrollment of no less than 9 credits per semester or 12 credits per quarter as per immigration requirements.
Study Plan as per Decree

UAE University scholarship holders are committed to their major, assigned university and duration of studies as per their decree. Any change MUST be referred to UAE University for approval.

Add/Drop Classes
  • Adding or dropping courses only within the proper Add/Drop period specified by the University.
  • Courses may only be dropped beyond Add/Drop period with APPROVAL from both the University Academic Advisor and UAEU Academic Advisor.
  • Students who drop courses without approval beyond the full-refund drop period will be billed for any non-refunded portion of the tuition for the dropped course.
  • Student may risk violating immigration laws by having less than full-time enrollment.
Travel Plan

Notify your University Academic Advisor of any travel plans outside the location of study, either for trips to other places or return trips to the UAE. Provide a copy of your I-94 upon your return to the US.

Contact with Academic Advisor

The UAE University Academic Advisor at the Cultural Division, Embassy of the UAE in Washington DC is available to provide information, advice and assistance to UAE University scholarship holders. Students may consult the advisor for assistance on concerns regarding academic and personal matters that may arise before departure, upon arrival, and throughout the duration of their scholarship program in the US. The advisor may be reached at 1 (877) 862-7223 or (202) 243-4444 during regular office hours from 9amto 4PM Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Friday. In the event of emergencies beyond those hours, students are asked to use the Emergency Contact number posted instead.

Billing Inquiry

For billing and reimbursement inquiries, please contact the UAE Accountant Office at 1 (877) 862-7223 ext. 4442 or (202) 243-4442 during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

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