Study in the States Initiative

We would like to inform our students about the Study in the States Initiative launched by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  

The Study in the States provides important information for international students who are/will attend US schools. It also provides information on how international students maintain their visa status, working in the US, driving, forms for international students, obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN), dependents, Kindergarten - Grade 12 students, etc.

In order to maintain your visa status while studying in the US, you must obey all US immigration regulations. Besides the Study in the States website, you may also refer to the sections included in the Cultural Division website which provides all information that students should know "Before Arriving to the US" and "Arriving & Being in the US".

If you need any assistance on concerns regarding academic and personal matters that may arise before departure, upon arrival, and throughout the duration of your scholarship program in the US, please contact your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the Cultural Division.  S/he may be reached at (202) 243-4444 during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Friday.  In the event of emergencies only beyond those hours, you are asked to use the emergency contact numbers (240) 393-5395 or (240) 654-2720.