UAE Student Experiences in the US

This section is for UAE students who graduated from US universities and colleges or had an experience while they were studying in the US.

We encourage you to provide us with articles or videos to be posted in this section. Please email your article to your academic advisor in the cultural division. 

The information obtained from you about your experiences in the US will help those UAE students who will come after you.

Featured Experiences

Sahar Sharif

Born and raised within global mix of cultures, Emirati from Dubai, American and Indian, I have to say I’m an Emirati that truly represents the UAE’s love of diversity.  I am an Interior Architect and a Museologist by profession, as well as an exhibition designer and visual artist.  I moved to New York City in 2011, on a UAE government fellowship with the Emirates Foundation to pursue a Masters degree in Museum Studies at New York University... See full story

Hedaya Al Hammadi

Attending University of California at Berkeley, and Iowa State University were a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It helped me develop experiences that classroom setting would never provide, such as getting to know people from other cultures, having chance to introduce my culture to... See full story

Laith A. Al Gaz

Studying in the US was a phenomenal experience. Although the joys of intercultural friendships and the independent bachelor life (not as flashy as it sounds – mostly cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry) gave me opportunity to grow, what I am the most thankful for was the experience to immerse… See full story

How ADIA Scholars Helped Build Houses

In July, the 2008 ADIA Scholars traveled to North Carolina to help build and deconstruct houses.  It was a week of early mornings, long hot days of hard work, and talking about the project and how they played a part in helping others. Two students were appointed leaders each day… See full story