Visit to Oregon

Academic Advisors, Mr. Emmanuel Pimentel and Ms. Lina Jarad, visited Oregon from October 31 - November 3, 2010. They met with UAE students and visited few universities. The first night the advisors met with students from Portland who attend Portland State University, University of Portland and Portland Community College. There were around 25 students present and after discussing various issues and listening to student’s concerns, the students Ahmed Al Raeesi and Hamad Al Badi performed a traditional dance to the group, and a group of students joined the Academic Advisors for dinner then Ahmed Al Raeesi invited everyone for a traditional tea “Karak” and coffee at his apartment.

The two following days the Academic Advisors visited the following six universities representatives: Portland State University, University of Portland, Portland Community College, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and George Fox University.  They met with representatives from the English Language Program, Department of Engineering, Business, and International Student office.

The trip was a successful one.  The Academic Advisors received a lot of feedback as students shared their problems and discussed ways of making things better in terms serving their needs and working with universities.